Doing What You Love

Apparently if you do what you love you won’t work a day in your life. But how many people do that?

Seriously, I would love to know how many people genuinely love their job. Not including the people who say they love their job because society dictates it either. I’m talking people who literally love what they do every day.

I am not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind my job and I’m privileged to have it. Truly. But I don’t love it. I work in a pathology lab, preparing tissue for diagnosis. It’s a job that is based on attention to detail and routine work. It is easy once you’ve done it long enough and whilst the days are mostly the same it is a satisfying job to do well.

And yet, I search for other jobs. Every week I look on a Friday at what else there is for me. I fantasise about changing careers, re-training myself as something completely different. But then I remember that I have commitments; life, in other words, gets in the way of living.

It’s a strange paradox then, if you are like me and don’t love what you do, but love what your job provides you with.

How do you leave this cycle? How do you break free?

If the goal is to love what you do, then I think there is only one option and that is to sacrifice lifestyle for work-happiness. In other words, if you want to love what you do but you don’t, the way to get out is to retrain and restart.

However, that is only one scenario. Let’s say you don’t love what you do but you can live with it. Going to work doesn’t fill you with a fiery passion every morning but it doesn’t fill you with dread either.

How then do you find happiness? Can you even find happiness in the scenario?

Absolutely, but you need to find it outside of work.

That is the path I have chosen for the moment. You see, writing is a source of joy for me. So outside of work I write, every day, at least a sentence.

I enjoy photography, so once a week I make sure to take photos of something. It doesn’t have to be anything interesting, just something.

I exercise, not because I love it but because I don’t want to die any earlier than I have too (and yes I realise that sentence is a futile one).

Every day outside of work I find things that bring me joy and I do them. Spending time with my partner is an obvious one. Messaging friends and playing video games are more sporadic than the others I have mentioned but when the mood strikes I do it and I enjoy it.

Obviously, I have things outside of work that I have to do. Little jobs, or life admin as people call it. But if, for instance, I need to do washing one afternoon but I have the urge to play video games; I’m not going to beat myself up for leaving the washing and playing for an hour.

Making everything outside of work feel like work too? That way lies madness.

I guess this post doesn’t really have a point.

I hope you are doing what you love and if you’re not, I hope that you can find happiness elsewhere, like me.

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