How do you measure time?

If your answer is seconds, minutes, months, years. Fair enough. But I bet it’s not the whole truth. Most people measure time with events.

It’s been ages since I last saw that friend. It’s been god knows how long since we last visited this city. Graduation feels like forever ago.

Think back on your life, and really think about how you measure time.

Then think about this.

There are fifty-two weeks in a year. You can roughly expect to live for eighty years if you’re in a modernised country with access to healthcare and are white. Many other factors diminish this average but for this thought, let’s use that number.

80 years.

52 weeks.

4160 weeks in your life, if you are lucky.

I’m 28.

I have used 1456 weeks and I am lucky to have been able to use them.

I have 2704 weeks to go if I am fortunate enough to live until eighty.

Does that seem like a lot to you? Consider how fast this godforsaken year 2020 has gone. Weeks fly by in an instant. You work for five days, run errands and try to enjoy the two days off.

One more week down.

One more week closer to probable death.

Next time you have a chance to do something, next time you hesitate at an opportunity because you don’t know how it will end, think about the amount of weeks you’re likely to have left and ask yourself if maybe you shouldn’t hesitate this time.

Maybe you should live the weeks you have.

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