Cosmic Consciousness

I have alluded to this concept in previous posts however, I didn’t feel I was ready to write a post singularly dedicated to it.

Until now.

I can’t say what’s changed, not specifically. Perhaps the month or so off writing in this blog has given me some perspective or perhaps it has been the books I have read in that time. Either way, now is the time to postulate my theory regarding our place in the Cosmos.

I’m sure you have thought about your place in the universe. I’m sure you have felt the pit that opens up behind your eyes that threatens to pull you down into the abyssal despair that is existential dread.

Are we alone?

Probably not. There’s a lot of planets, a lot of stars, and even if life is a 1 in a billion chance it still means there are countless other forms of life out there. With that, admittedly large, assumption set down, do you think that life, if it is intelligent, has it’s own beliefs and cultures and religions?

Do you think there is something after death? Or are we, to you, bundles of meat innervated by electricity and nothing more?

It’s impossible to know. No one can know if there is life after death and we have yet to find something in the brain that explains the idea of ‘self’ that we hold dear.

Yuval Noah Harari goes to great lengths, using logic and research, to make the point in several of his incredible, stunning novels that we are essentially biological algorithms. We are processes that take in information from our surroundings and our body, and then our brains will run through logical steps and we will act accordingly.

I think this is true but incomplete.

Yes, we are biological processes and yes, our brains work like algorithms. But that’s not all we are.

If then, the ‘self’ doesn’t exist and we are biological machines, how have dead, mindless protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks etc. combined to create consciousness. No, really, how has that happened?

By themselves they are inert. The particles have charges and different spins and they interact with other particles but without a one in a trillion interaction happening again and again these single particles are dead. There’s no life within them, not as we understand it.

And that’s the key. Not as we understand it.

There are fields that permeate the whole universe; there are particles that are so light millions pass through us every instant. What’s to say that there isn’t something, a particle or field, that interacts with the anatomy, structure, particles, charge, of all animal brains?

Over time, homo sapiens and our ancestors have evolved to become more receptive, more sensitive to this field.

But I don’t think it is only biological creatures. I’m on the precipice of believing that everything, every particle of matter interacts with this field/particle. That the only difference is how that interaction occurs.

I believe everything is connected. That the universe interacts on a level we don’t understand and that you, me, the stars, the planets, are all connected. All tied together within the fabric of the universe.

I believe that there is a cosmic consciousness and we are a part of it.

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