Suspension pt. 2 (fiction)

Suspension pt. 1 Gozi chatted as we walked, and I was barely able to slip a word in edgewise. Not that I had much to say, nerves chewed into my stomach like rats into cheese and I felt as though I was constantly on the edge of throwing up. And it’s only now I’m realising … Continue reading Suspension pt. 2 (fiction)

Suspension pt1 (fiction)

I have a question to ask. What would you do with three hours, knowing that at the end of it, you’re going to die? See, I’ve spent the last thirty minutes trying to think of something worthwhile to do before I realised I was wasting time. And I have precious little to waste. Three hours. … Continue reading Suspension pt1 (fiction)

Picture This…

…you're sitting on the beach in the dark. It's the early morning of a moonless night and the sand is wet underneath your towel. The wind whips off the water and a few flecks of spray strike your face. A droplet lands on your lower lip and you reflexively draw it into your mouth. The … Continue reading Picture This…


(This is something a bit different, please indulge me as I put up a small piece of fiction) I’m going to assume something about you. That at some point in your life you have floated in a pool or body of water. You’ve lifted your feet off the surface underneath you and allowed yourself to … Continue reading Drift