Before Birth, After Death

I have no memory before I was born. If I close my eyes and try to think back to what it was like, try to search for some glimpse of light amongst the infinite blackness of that time, I quickly find myself fleeing from existential dread with my tail between my legs. I recommend you … Continue reading Before Birth, After Death

Life on Mars

In 1976 two landers touched down on the surface of the red planet, Viking 1 and Viking 2. They were sent their by NASA almost a year earlier with one purpose: to search for life. To do this, they both carried the same four instruments, designed in the same way with the same parameters. Three … Continue reading Life on Mars


How do you measure time? If your answer is seconds, minutes, months, years. Fair enough. But I bet it's not the whole truth. Most people measure time with events. It's been ages since I last saw that friend. It's been god knows how long since we last visited this city. Graduation feels like forever ago. … Continue reading Time

Why Are We Here?

Look, I'll be honest with you, I don't really know. But I have some ideas. I've always thought that question had three answer; to eat, survive, and procreate. Now, those three answers are true from a biological stand point, that is all we do and that is all we are required to do. However, shouldn't … Continue reading Why Are We Here?