The Explosion Brighter Than The Moon

Our sun is boring. That might seem like a harsh assessment of the object that literally keeps all life on Earth living, but it's true. In the context of the Universe, our star is a bland, boring main-sequence that will burn steadily for a long long time. Which is great! For us, as it means … Continue reading The Explosion Brighter Than The Moon

Looking Up

Recently I picked up the hobby of astrophotography. It’s exactly what it sounds like, pointing cameras and telescopes at the sky and taking photos of whatever object is interesting you in the moment. It’s a rewarding hobby, if also a little bit frustrating. For as long as people have been staring up through telescopes, there’s … Continue reading Looking Up

Ripples in Space

I posted a few days ago about pulsars, and used the clunky analogy of an object on a trampoline to describe how matter sits in the fabric of space-time. Essentially, the mass of the object will bend space-time and cause it to curve towards the object. The higher the density, the more massive the object, … Continue reading Ripples in Space

Lighthouses in Space

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline? For me, it was the same time I had the unfortunate luck of going through the fabric of the trampoline and landing hard on the ground. I ask because the fabric of space-time can be imaged to be like the surface of a trampoline. If … Continue reading Lighthouses in Space

Leaving Earth

Would you leave Earth and travel to another planet if the opportunity dropped into your lap? If your destination is the moon, why not? It's only three or so days away and relatively safe. It's been done before and there are at least two programs at the moment intent on achieving that feat again. What … Continue reading Leaving Earth

Cosmic Consciousness

I have alluded to this concept in previous posts however, I didn't feel I was ready to write a post singularly dedicated to it. Until now. I can't say what's changed, not specifically. Perhaps the month or so off writing in this blog has given me some perspective or perhaps it has been the books … Continue reading Cosmic Consciousness


Recently, as in, the last few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that life is not made up of huge choices. It's not big moments that define you; it's not deciding what course at Uni to study, what trade to apprentice in, or even what person you spend your life with (or the choice … Continue reading Increments