(This is something a bit different, please indulge me as I put up a small piece of fiction) I’m going to assume something about you. That at some point in your life you have floated in a pool or body of water. You’ve lifted your feet off the surface underneath you and allowed yourself to … Continue reading Drift

Leaving Earth

Would you leave Earth and travel to another planet if the opportunity dropped into your lap? If your destination is the moon, why not? It's only three or so days away and relatively safe. It's been done before and there are at least two programs at the moment intent on achieving that feat again. What … Continue reading Leaving Earth


To explain the rather obscure title; TRAPPIST-1e is an exoplanet around a red dwarf star about 39 light years away from Earth. It's one of seven planets and of those seven, it is one of the three that sit within the habitable zone of the star. Why do I bring this up? Well, I have … Continue reading TRAPPIST-1e

First Thoughts

I have long mulled over the idea of starting a blog; this is in fact my second attempt and hopefully my final one. Welcome, my new friend. You are reading what will be a collection of my thoughts and my fiction. Why should you read some random persons thoughts on the internet? Good question. I … Continue reading First Thoughts